Alternating Current is a boutique independent press dedicated to publishing and promoting incredible literature that challenges readers and has an innate sense of self, timelessness, and atmosphere. We love science, history, homebound roots, rural landscapes, poetic literary fiction, diverse voices, and all that is electric in the literary world.

We have existed since 1993, creating chapbooks, paperbacks, zines, online resources, zine libraries, spoken word events, poetry readings, national book tours, and literature collections, as well as offering services in author and press promotions, such as blog tours, book tours, book trailers, audio recordings, merchandising, editing, critiquing, and book clubs. We have our hands in all the pies, and we pass the fruits on to you.

We are the home of Footnote: A Literary Journal of History, a print journal that features authors’ personal and non-scholarly viewpoints on historical people, places, events, and ideas in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We are also the home of The Luminaire Award for Best Poetry and Best Prose, The Charter Oak Award for Best Historical, The Electric Book Award (for an unpublished manuscript to become a book), The Coil Book Award (to recognize an already-published book), The Spark Book Award (for a young adult manuscript on themes of science, math, engineering, computing, invention, or history), and The Oblaye Award (for Great Plains and Native American writing). We feature daily news, columns, interviews, book reviews, and award-winning writing in our journal, The Coil, have an incredible catalog of paperbacks and chapbooks on Alternating Current Press, and offer top-notch editing and critiquing services by a panel of editors that are some of the best in the industry. Check us out. We’re ready to light you up.