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Moon Up, Past Full
Eric Shonkwiler

Book Blog Tour: November 9-14, 2015

“Shonkwiler’s stories capture the rural experience rarely heard—the quiet, dangerous voices of the desperate, struggling for honor among thieves. A stark and timely slice of Americana gothic that both razes and rebuilds.”
—Paula Bomer,
author of Nine Months and Inside Madeleine

As Faulkner’s voice portrayed the South and Breece D’J Pancake’s represented Appalachia, Eric Shonkwiler captures the Midwest, with this collection of novellas and short stories that peels back the edges of rural existence to expose the heart of it. Through parental neglect, rebellious sons and daughters, drug-addled war veterans, backwoods zombies, injured firemen, car thieves, witch doctors, and Navajo ghosts, Shonkwiler brings you a disregarded world you can no longer ignore—one thriving with the mundane, the bruised, the unheard. Here is the voice of the rest of us, spoken only the way firsthand experience, rooted deep in overworked soil, can say it.

Alternating Current will be giving away 10 DRM-Free Digital Packages (containing PDF, ePUB, mobi, full cover art, and other digital goodies!) of Moon Up, Past Full to 10 random people who promote any aspect of the book or book tour between now and November 30, 2015. To enter, use the hashtag #MoonUp, tag the author or Alternating Current at @eshonkwiler, @altcurrent, F: alternatingcurrentartscoop, +AlternatingCurrentPress, Ello: @altcurrent, or send Alternating Current a link (alt.current [at] gmail.com) if you promote elsewhere or anywhere. The most exuberant promoter will win a HAND-ENGRAVED SHOTGLASS!

November 9:
The Next Best Book Club will feature a portion of the backwoods zombie thriller novella, “GO21,” and tell you the backstory as a feature in their “Page 69 Test” series. Will Moon Up, Past Full pass the page 69 test? Come find out!

November 10:
Author, reviewer, interviewer, and lit blogger, Steph Post, will feature a review of Moon Up, Past Full on her [in]famous lit blog. Come see what Steph has to say about this dark, rural Midwest collection!

November 11:
Sundog Lit, the forerunner in scorched-earth literature, will feature an exclusive excerpt from this collection of novellas and stories on their fantastic blog. Come take a sneak peek at the goods!

November 12:
Midwestern Gothic, the publishers behind Eric’s debut novel, Above All Men, will interview Eric about both books, his Midwestern roots, his fascination with the military, and his love for the apocalypse. Come meet the author!

November 13:
Author, editor, and lit blogger, Nicole Tone, will feature a book review of Moon Up, Past Full on her author resource and review blog, This Literary Life. Come see what Nicole has to say about this collection!

November 14:
The Spark will feature Eric in their Meet the Press author interview series, where they ask the questions that really matter. Come find out his weapon of choice, which lit characters he’d fight and drink with, and his favorite historical period!