Alternating Current believes that our greatest strength as a community is in our numbers and in how we can work together. These are the people with whom we work or have worked in the past, and we are featuring them here to help give back to the community.

TO BE CLEAR: We do not influence the ways in which these book bloggers and promotional sites feature our books, nor do we EVER tell them how to review any product. Nor are we told, in exchange, how to review or promote any of their products, should they choose to send them to us. That is not a true partnership, and it is not valuable to anyone. Instead, we acknowledge and appreciate what they do for their individual literary communities, and we target specific partners with books that might match up to their tastes, in an effort to get the most out of the specialized tastes and audiences of the community.

These are some of the places that have promoted or reviewed our books in the past, and these are some of the places where we will send press releases and review copies for books in the future. Our partners list will continue to grow, and we hope that it will eventually contain the bulk of the indie presses and book bloggers out there, and we hope that you will come to this list often and view it as an awesome resource of book promotion in the lit scene.

Do you want to review our (publicity, not press) books, be part of a blog tour, host a cover reveal, conduct an author interview, provide guest posts for authors, or any number of other fun things of that nature? Go to BE A PARTNER, tell us your specifics, and we’ll match you up with something you’ll hopefully enjoy!

Full partner list is coming soon.