Below are the portals for the members-only sections of our website, where authorized members and authors on our press and promotions team can find special features and discounts on catalog and service items. These portals lead to separate sections that require a login to gain access. You are authorized via your prime email address that we have on file for you (If you’ve changed email addresses, let us know so we can authorize entry for your new one.), and you can use your Gmail, Google+, or Blogger accounts to sign in, or create your own account with a new password. If your email is recognized, then you will be granted access once you’ve signed in. Guest logins without account creation last for only 30 days. BOOKSELLERS wishing to gain access to our ordering discounts, please email us at alt.current [at], and we’ll grant you access through your chosen email address (You’ll only have to do this once, and then you’ll have indefinite access for reordering.).

Alternating Current Authors For those who’ve been published in AC Press publications or who have books published with us.  Excludes The Coil  post columns.

Alternating Current Staff Members For staff, publicists, editors, interviewers, book reviewers, and anyone on our Meet the Staff page.

Distributors & Booksellers For booksellers, distributors, universities, libraries, or vendors entitled to 60/40 split.  Email for authorization in advance. Portal [1]

Publicists Portals with templates and press kits for approved Publicists only.  • Hillary Umland •

If you need authorization, are having trouble logging in, or aren’t sure which portal applies to you, please email us at alt.current [at], after troubleshooting to the best of your ability.