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Welcome to the team! Below, you’ll find all of the positions that we currently have open if you want to join our awesome community of indie lit supporters. There is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY OR REQUIRED for our positions, unless otherwise stated. We’ll train you, guide you, and provide templates and packets for everything that you will need, and we trust your instincts to bring something new and wonderful to the table. Obviously if you have past experience, that is a super big plus, but we’ll mostly be looking for enthusiasm and passion. Most of these positions are volunteer or commission, but they fit around any schedule and any workload. Please get involved. WE NEED YOU. Together, we can build a community and achieve more.

To apply for any of these positions, fill out the form.

PERKS: You receive 20% off our entire catalog of print books and 10% off all merchandise; free ebooks of our ENTIRE catalog (as they become available); discounts on all our editing, critiquing, merchandising, and promoting services; access to our private Members Only section; a Meet the Press feature spotlight on The Transmitter, as well as the opportunity to feature your writing and the promotion of fellow indie-press authors and friends you know in our publicity columns on The Coil; discounts to various literary societies, press conventions, and conferences, including a Book Fair Staff price at AWP events where our tables are featured; and inclusion in all sorts of staff activities, such as favorting #Pitmad Twitter tweets that you think look interesting on our behalf (for Alternating Current to read and consider!) and lending your opinions to “staff picks,” like our end-of-the-year book lists (here and here and here). Staff authors will also receive publication of one piece of their own poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or hybrid work per year on The Coil.

Poetry Editor (USA only)
[Must demonstrate an excellent knowledge of poetry, past and contemporary, and read poetry regularly, especially current popular poetry books and authors. Your job would be to read poetry submissions and communicate with the Acquisitions Editor about acceptances and editing needs.]

Prose Editor (USA only)
[Must have knowledge of and regularly read past and contemporary short stories, flash pieces, essays, memoir, novels, and hybrid. Your job would be to read prose submissions, both fiction and nonfiction, single pieces and full manuscripts, and communicate with the Acquisitions Editor about acceptances and editing needs.]

History Editor (USA only)
[Must demonstrate a love of and knowledge of both history and story. Must be able to spot language and significance in history-themed nonfiction essays, stories, and poetry, and be well-read in historical fiction and poetry, past and contemporary. Your job would be to read history-themed submissions and communicate with the Acquisitions Editor about acceptances and editing needs, in addition to working on final editing for our annual history journal, “Footnote.”]

YA Editor (USA only)
[Must demonstrate knowledge of the YA (Young Adult) field and be able to identify the language and significance in stories with themes of science, mathematics, engineering, computing, history, and/or invention, with excellent messages for upper-middle school and high school ages. We are not interested in readers of YA romance or YA puberty/growing pain issues or YA vampire fantasy, etc. Your job would be to read YA submissions and communicate with the Acquisitions Editor about acceptances and editing needs.]

YA Publicist (USA only)
[Must demonstrate knowledge of the YA (Young Adult) field and be able to market and promote YA books with our themes of science, mathematics, engineering, computing, history, and/or invention to as wide of an audience as possible. Your job would be to familiarize yourself with our YA Spark imprint series, and to network with connections and people in the YA community to get reviews, enter contests, and seek awards, recognitions, publicity, and opportunities for our YA books.]

Artistic, Audio, & Visual Designers
[We are looking for book-cover designers, people good with Photoshop or Gimp who can make marketing materials, posters, fliers, social media banners and share-images, etc., as well as people with video-editing and filming knowledge who can make book trailers, and people with good reading voices, recording equipment, and editing knowledge interested in doing audiobooks. There are some tiny stipends and token payments for some items, depending on book budgets, but they are small, if anything, so consider this volunteer work first and foremost.]

Awards & Microgrants Coordinator
[Must exercise extreme organizational skills. Your job would be to coordinate our processes for our annual writing awards (Electric Book Award, Spark Book Award, Coil Book Award, Luminaire Award for Best Prose, Luminaire Award for Best Poetry, and Charter Oak Award for Best Historical), and for our Microgrants for Marginalized Writers. You’d have to work with spreadsheets, deadlines, contacts, judges, and very meticulously catalog blind submissions and authors.]

Social Media Director (USA only)
[Someone who has a good head for social media. Must act professional and have excellent grammar and editing skills. Can’t be easily baited by trolls. Must be able to handle (and/or learn) Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, Ello, Google+, YouTube, and Vimeo, and keep them all updated daily, or handle assistants or others under you who have access.]

“The Coil” Managing Editor (USA only)
[This is a biggie. We have an online journal called “The Coil” (medium.com/the-coil). We publish one piece every day, from columns to interviews to essays to booklists to shelfies to audio to book reviews. The Managing Editor would be in charge of making sure it ran smoothly: gathering pieces, reaching out to contacts, handling authors, reading through pitches, editing everything, updating a submission calendar, keeping on people’s butts about deadlines, and handling layout of pieces far in advance. This requires an organized person. If you are the last-minute type, this job is not for you; at the same time, you’ve got to be on the ball to handle last-minute things when they come up, because they do come up constantly. You would also be able to have your own columns or write your own pieces any time you’d like. You’d have two Assistant Editors who help you out.]

“The Coil” Assistant Editors [2]
[Assistant Editors to the Managing Editor of “The Coil.” You’d have all of the same duties as above, on a smaller scale, because you’d be assigned what the Managing Editor gave you. Requires an organized person, and someone excited about reaching out to people for pieces that fit certain themes, holidays, current events, literary trends, etc. You would also be able to have your own columns or write your own pieces any time you’d like.]

Book Reviews Editor (USA only)
[You’d be in charge of the book reviews section of “The Coil.” This is our toughest section because you have to communicate with all of the book reviewers, make sure they have reviews in on time (especially for forthcoming releases, which should be published on release day), solicit presses and publicists for books that your reviewers are interested in reviewing, and edit the reviews before the Managing Editor can lay them out. You will also be on the publicity lists for presses to notify you if they have new books coming out, or for authors to send you press release info, and you are in charge of sending that information around to the reviewers, and then requesting books if reviewers want them. You would also be able to request books for yourself and write your own reviews, or write your own columns any time you’d like.]

Book Reviewers
[Request, read, and review books for “The Coil.” Must submit one review per month, according to our (really simple) standards. You choose what you read and keep the books; sometimes a book is assigned, but rarely. Token monthly payment on “The Coil.”]

[Select interviewees in literary, science, history, or current events fields, and interview them for “The Coil.” Must submit one interview per month, according to our (really simple) standards. You choose whom you interview; sometimes an interview is assigned, but rarely. Token monthly payment on “The Coil.”]