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*Our website is under major construction for the next month or so. If there is something you cannot find or that looks outdated, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at alt.current at gmail for answers to your questions. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have a small team, and maintenance is a necessary burden.*

Welcome to the team! Below, you’ll find all of the positions that we currently have open if you want to join our awesome community of indie lit supporters. There is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY OR REQUIRED for our positions, unless otherwise stated. We’ll train you, guide you, and provide templates and packets for everything that you will need, and we trust your instincts to bring something new and wonderful to the table. Most of these positions are volunteer or commission, but they fit around any schedule and any workload. Please get involved. WE NEED YOU. Together, we can build a community and achieve more.

To sign up for any of these positions, just shoot us an email to alt.current [at] No résumés needed, unless otherwise stated.

PERKS: You receive 20% off our entire catalog of print books and 10% off all merchandise; free ebooks of our ENTIRE catalog (as they become available); discounts on all our editing, critiquing, merchandising, and promoting services; access to our private Members Only section; a Meet the Press feature spotlight on The Transmitter, as well as the opportunity to feature your writing and the promotion of fellow indie-press authors and friends you know in our publicity columns on The Coil; discounts to various literary societies, press conventions, and conferences, including a Book Fair Staff price at AWP events where our tables are featured; and inclusion in all sorts of staff activities, such as favorting #Pitmad Twitter tweets that you think look interesting on our behalf (for Alternating Current to read and consider!) and lending your opinions to “staff picks,” like our end-of-the-year book lists (here and here and here). Staff authors will also receive publication of one piece of their own poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or hybrid work per year on The Coil.

Funding DirectorWe are seeking someone who is good at reaching out to people and companies for sponsorship, advertisements, award honorarium funding, setting up fundraisers, etc. Professional character, organizational skills, and care with writing emails is a must. This is currently a commission-based pay position. You’d get 20% of all funding that you brought in.

Publicity DirectorWe are seeking someone who likes reaching out to book blogs, sites, reviewers, etc., to promote our books, who wants to learn our projects, and can direct publicists beneath him/her to do jobs that need to be done for promotion of our books. Publicists get free copies of our books and will make some awesome connections for themselves that they can use in their own writing-career endeavors. Must be good at writing emails with proper grammar and spelling. This is currently not a paid position, but it will be a paid position once we can afford to do so.

Deputy Publicity DirectorSecond verse, same as the first. The Deputy Publicity Director is the Publicity Director’s right hand man. You would work closely with the Publicity Director and help direct the Assistant Publicists beneath you. Again, we are seeking someone who likes reaching out to book blogs, sites, reviewers, etc., to promote our books, who wants to learn our projects and can meet deadlines. Publicists get free copies of our books and will make some awesome connections for themselves that they can use in their own writing-career endeavors. Must be good at writing emails with proper grammar and spelling. This is currently not a paid position, but it will be a paid position once we can afford to do so.

Assistant PublicistsWe are always looking for Assistant Publicists. You do not have to have publicity or PR experience. You will be assigned several authors from our press catalog, and you’ll follow those authors’ writing activities, and report links to us if they have new books, publications, interviews, features, etc., or are involved in other ventures, so we can keep our news feeds active. You will receive full bio, press kits, headshots, author and book info, copies of their books, social media links, etc., to be able to field questions or inquiries that come in for those authors. You should be active on social media to talk about those authors, and you’ll be our eyes and ears for any new opportunities that you might find for featuring our Alternating Current authors (For example, if you see a post about a new book blogger opening up shop or a new interview column on a lit site, reach out!). Please note that, while it sounds intimidating, we will give you ONLY easy work, just enough to ease our workload here and there, and we are always here to answer any and all questions. It is not really intimidating at all; we promise. With over 500 authors and two decades’ worth of books in our backcatalog, we can assign you to highly active authors or to very low-key, non-active authors, depending on your level of commitment around your scheduling needs. We have enough authors for everyone, so if you want to break into any kind of PR field, this is an awesome (and fun!) jumpboard for you, and so, so crucial for us. We like to call it “adopting an author.” Will you adopt an author with us?

Promotions DirectorWe are seeking someone who wants to help us further our reach with the press and help with author promotion services. We are looking to branch out to all libraries, all universities, and all bookstores by the end of the decade, and we are seeking someone who wants to work with partner programs and handle contacts for getting our books into the hands of more people. This is currently not a paying position, but it will eventually be, and you would make lots of great contacts for your own works.

Event CoordinatorWe are seeking someone who can reach out to venues with templates to book shows, who runs the calendar on our site to keep people up to date on our author readings, who helps set up book blog tours, and who helps set up and promote our readings, Facebook and Google+ Event Pages, bookfairs, etc., and makes sure promotional event materials are going to the right places at the right time. This is a semi-commission-based position. Most of the event coordination does not contain monetary exchanges, but some of it does; you would receive 10% of any event funds that came in, and 20% of the ones you specifically recruit. This position will eventually have a base pay.

Blog Content EditorsWe are looking to have at least three Blog Content Editors who are in charge of getting materials for, writing columns for, or rounding up the separate section editors and guest editors for our daily journal, The Coil. It is low-pressure and a good way to branch out, meet new writers, and find topics of interest, and you’d be working with lots of other people in the lit field, so you’d make good contacts. You are welcome to write as many columns of your own for the journal as you want, too. This is not a paying position, but when we begin having a steady-enough readership that we take banner ads, you will receive a percentage of those ads, and we are hoping to make it a paying position eventually. You will need to keep us on track with posts featuring upcoming relevant topics, trends, holidays, and events in the literary scene. We want to have relevant literary-related posts for all daily, weekly, monthly holidays of note, as well as regular columns, shelfies, mp3s, and features surrounding literary holidays, such as Library Month and Banned Books Week. You will do preliminary editing for each feature, and the Editor-in-Chief does all final-editing and layout.

Social Media DirectorWe are seeking someone who loves social media and wants to represent us, or be in charge of handling those who represent us, on social media. We have Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Ello, YouTube, Goodreads, and more, and we are looking for someone who wants to interact with our audiences online, represent our words and press, and utilize other, new platforms to reach people (or coordinate people beneath him/her to do this). Social media platforms can be divided among lower-level or individual representatives. Professionalism is an absolute must, as is proper grammar and spelling, since you would be representing a press that specializes in editing and publishing. (In other words, if you have ‘fast fingers’ and can’t slow down to check what you are typing before you hit ‘post,’ then this is NOT the position for you.) This is not yet a paying position, but it’s a fun one, and you’d make a lot of great contacts.

Artistic, Audio, & Visual DesignersWe are looking for book-cover designers, people good with Photoshop or Gimp who can make marketing materials, posters, fliers, social media banners and share-images, etc., as well as people with video-editing and filming knowledge who can make book trailers, and people with good reading voices, recording equipment, and editing knowledge interested in doing audiobooks. Book designers will receive copies of the books they design, discounts, and credit and free promotion, but we can currently not afford design labor. Video designers will receive credit and promotion, but we can currently not afford to pay for video labor. Audiobook readers/editors will receive 50% of audiobook sales profits.

Book Reviewers & InterviewersWe are seeking book reviewers and/or interviewers for The Coil. You may do both or either position. Need to be able to read and review and comment on books within a timely and professional manner, following a set of guidelines. These are not paying positions, but you receive free books to review, can review and interview your choice of authors and lit-related people, will get great exposure, and will make great contacts. At least one submission to the journal is required per month.

GophersWant to help out, but are flexible with what you do, have something else to offer, or don’t want to overcommit? We’re happy to hear you tell us what your expertise is, and we’ll go from there and find a place for you. We always need ‘gophers’ just to pick up slack on random projects, and eventually all of the above positions will have people working under those head people, too, so you can do second-level positions, as well. We’re seeking people really interested in joining up with us long-term and giving their input into the direction of our press, really making it a home for their ideas and enthusiasm, and helping us bring in diverse voices, underrepresented voices, and books that truly matter. We’ve been around since 1993, but in this ever-competitive market, it’s time to step up our game, and we’re looking for those who want to take that ride with us, to help make us one of the most important presses of the next decade. You in?