We are making some major changes, so please pardon our dust during site reconstruction. Some information may be out of date, incomplete, or not yet working. If you have submitted work to us and are awaiting a response, we are extremely far behind on our reading, so we thank you for your patience and understanding. If you need help, email us at alt.current [at] gmail.com.

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Alternating Current
PO Box 270921
Louisville, CO 80027 USA

Email: alt.current [at] gmail.com
For email contact only. Not for submissions. For submissions, follow appropriate buttons at the top. To mail submissions via post, please use above address. Do not include any other wording in the address lines; we will direct mail to its appropriate destination internally. Entry fees must still be included with submissions via post. Do not send coins. PayPal payments use the above email address.


Google Voice: 501-404-VOLT
No public phone. No facsimile.

Our authors are represented by publicists within our team. To reach specific authors, please use the navigation at the top to locate the specific authors, and query their respective publicists.